PRC Achievement Awards recognize organizations at the hospital, facility, department or unit level for enhancing their patients’ perception of care by focusing on Key Drivers of Excellence®

Award Rules
Entries may be submitted on behalf of a hospital, team, unit or department. Data provided to make the case for recognition must reflect the entrant’s patient Key Drivers of Excellence® (except for submissions in the HCAHPS category). The entrant must be a current PRC patient experience client.
By applying for an Achievement Award, entrants give permission to PRC to share the information provided within the entry with the general public if the entry earns an award. All entries and supporting materials must be submitted within this PDF, electronically. Your organization is invited to submit as many Achievement Award entries as you wish, but each project or improvement initiative may only be entered once, under one category.

Award Levels
PRC will award Platinum, Gold and Silver levels of recognition based on the combined scores of all the judges. If no entry reaches the threshold of excellence PRC has established in a category, no award will be given in that category.

Our goal is to provide recognition that is meaningful and motivational. Based on your feedback throughout the years, we're changing the way in which we recognize our Achievement Award winners at the 2018 EiH Conference.

Starting this year, Achievement Award certificates will be in a format that winners can print and then display, as they deem appropriate. They may choose to purchase a frame for the certificate independently or purchase an Achievement Awards plaque from PRC. We will also recognize winners at the 2018 EiH Conference at Wild Dunes, Charleston, South Carolina's Island Resort, during a special cocktail hour, where they can share their stories. In addition, every winning entry will have the opportunity to be the subject of a future PRCtv webcast, featuring the award-winners themselves.

Achievement Award  Application